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Notes by James Neill:

Class-created glossaries

Andrew Read

  1. See slideshare for slides
  2. Glossary
  3. Fields
    1. Format
    2. Categories
    3. Keywords
    4. Attachment
    5. This entry should be automatically linked (see autolinking
    6. Case sensitive
    7. Match whole words only
    8. Comment (?)
  4. Getting to use students to use it is a problem (JN comment: I find it is generally most effectively used by staff than students)
  5. Used in two units
    1. Part of assessment in one
      1. Component of online participation
      2. Directly assessed
  6. Neglible use (AR is at a loss as to why students don't use. JN comment: I suspect this is too specific/advanced with insufficient direct and tangible reward - better I suspect for teachers to provide this information)
  7. Future plans
    1. What motivates them to read or write glossary entries
  8. Do they value
    1. Entries written by academics
    2. Entries writter by peers
  9. Questions
    1. One idea is to take the best entry for a glossary term for assessment (if there are multiple submissions)