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Introducing Mobile Learning Engine for Moodle

Leonard Low gave a very interesting and useful demonstration of Moodle implemented on a mobile phone using the Mobile Learning Engine. Leo presented a short video of his slides to music as a taster and then showed the slides (which were 'just' images) using Windows XP image viewer. This was a minimalist relief after electronic slide-style presentations - and attracted back-channell comment.

This was somewhat prototypish - look at what's possible in future - but also it was very tangible. Leo emphasised that considerable was needed to this already existing open source software which renders Moodle via javascript on a mobile device. You can do basically all the core moodle functions but, get this, you can do extra stuff too.

Of course whether students will engage in Moodle mobile is another question to which I suspect the answer will be that some and perhaps many will in future - but I suspect we'll be somewhat surprised about what exactly they use it for - so we should be open-ended and look at the possibilities. Leo showed a range of possibilities. I hope he'll put his video up because that would be a nice quick overview/introduction for those interested. Let's hope Leo's project proposal to do the next stage of work is supported because University of Canberra is fortunate to have recently hired Leo who is a leader in mobile learning.

Since April 2008 there have been more mobiles than PCs

As of next year, more phones than PCs - and more iPhones than PCs

  1. Leo initially was trying style sheets
  2. Then found Mobile Learning Engine - it is promising but needs further development
  3. Leo showed a video (looks like it was made using - the video was a bit low-res?) of what Moodle MLE might be able to do - basically "everything" (that Moodle can do)!!??
  4. Plus made for mobile features - location or situation for learning contesxtusally

Mobile access: 2 options

  1. Use browser (common)
  2. Separate java applet (just focuses on Moodle) - instead of having all the browser button.
  3. No iPhone app yet - but possible/likely sometime in future


  1. Communication
  2. Content (mobile is not good for large content; but if material was chunked, summary notes, key info)
  3. Quizzes and surveys - in real time, therefore it could be used as an alternative to "clickers" in lectures
  4. Submit assignments
  5. Read/post to discussions - including photo snapshot and audio file
  6. Flash - create using PC - students can view them (toggles between q & a - good for drill and practice e.g., definitions; picture/text)
  7. Authoring environment is within Moodle (PC)
  8. Inbuilt MediaLibrary - can be expensive (be careful) unless you are connected to wifi
  9. Image annotatation
  10. QR code reader - situated learning - e.g., URL with info and can use GPS info
  11. Download content for offline (works offline) - mobile falshcards for practice

Critical comments about MLE:

  1. Needs polishing for consistency/style
  2. UC is developing a proposal for further development