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Moodle at University of Queensland

  1. Peter Evans discussed develops in building virtual social communities and portfolios at UQ (indicated that would talk about Moodle, Wimba, and Mahara, but so far no much about these tools)
  2. Peter Evans is self-employed; his professional website
  3. Discussed difficulties/challenges about who, how, etc. will do this? Quite a different landscape - Aussie reality - compared to the OU model/scenario discussed by Kirkpatrick.
  4. Perhaps the key aspect of Peter's talk is the gnarly reality of trying to get a new kind of edtech learning model going in a typical Australian university - lots of questions/problems - some approaches/realities about UQ's approach - good questions - not so many demonstrated solutions - quite a few slides/text - a bit difficult to follow the underlying structure of the presentation

Moodle uses

  1. Meta courses to easily collect people (e.g., e-portfolios)
  2. USQ has disabled several user features of Moodle! (including MyMoodle!)