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This article says: "A new Moodle site will have Standard logging enabled and Legacy logging disabled. A site which has been upgraded will have both enabled." But is it ok to disable the legacy log on a site which has been upgraded and only use the new standard log? Does Moodle store anything in the legacy log that is not stored in the standard log - especially on a site which has been upgraded? An explanation of this would be useful, especially if disabling the legacy logs will cause some information that is/was logged to the legacy logs to no longer be logged. --Luis de Vasconcelos (talk) 15:52, 20 May 2015 (AWST)

For what i know, you can disable legacy logs. But if you do so : you won't be able to look/show/display (existing) legacy logs, and no new legacy logs will be generated. It can be a problem for non standard plugins not well upgraded, still generating legacy logs, but not standard logs. With time, more plugins are upgraded...
--Séverin Terrier (talk) 19:58, 20 May 2015 (AWST)

Thanks Séverin - I have added your comments to the page. --Mary Cooch (talk) 22:25, 20 May 2015 (AWST)

Do current versions of Moodle core still write any data to the legacy log?
--Luis de Vasconcelos (talk) 20:20, 21 May 2015 (AWST)
You can disable legacy store plugin completely OR you can only disable writing to legacy log inside the plugin settings. In the second case you will be able to read from the log but no new entries will be added. This is also what will be set automatically during upgrade. More details
--Marina Glancy (talk) 08:15, 21 May 2015 (AWST)
Thanks Marina for your detailed information. If i remember well (but i can be wrong), when i upgraded to 2.7(.1 ?), legacy log where automatically disabled, so not visible. Suppose it has been improved since then.
--Séverin Terrier (talk) 16:11, 21 May 2015 (AWST)
Thanks Marina. If you disable writing to the legacy log will the data that would have been written to the legacy log if it were still enabled be written to the standard log instead? Or will that "legacy log data" not be written to any log at all?
--Luis de Vasconcelos (talk) 17:37, 21 May 2015 (AWST)

Can you migrate the data in the legacy logs to the new standard log? If so, is there a documented migration process? --Luis de Vasconcelos (talk) 19:05, 21 May 2015 (AWST)

If you have a need to keep all your logging data indefinately, or for a very long time, does it make better to use an external database for logging? If so, is there any documentation describing how to do this log data migration from the Moodle database to the external logging database? --Luis de Vasconcelos (talk) 19:05, 21 May 2015 (AWST)