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Quizventure quick guide

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What is Quizventure?

Quizventure is an activity which makes an arcade-type game from multiple choice and matching questions in the Question bank. Possible answers come down the screen as spaceships and students have to shoot the correct one to gain points.

Quizventure is useful for consolidating knowledge learned in a fun way. Watch the Quizventure Youtube video tutorial to see it in action.


How is it set up?

  • As a course teacher make sure you have some multiple choice or/and matching questions in your question bank.
  • Quizventure only uses these two question types, and for one game, the questions must all be in the same category.
  • With the editing turned on, select Quizventure from the Activity chooser.
  • Give your game a name and if required a description and choose the question category from which you want to draw the questions for this game.
  • Save the game.

How does it work?

  • Students are presented with a screen and press the space bar to begin the game.
  • They can tick a box to enable sounds and can select the full screen option to see the game enlarged.
  • The question appears at the top of the screen and possible answers move around the screen.
  • Students move the spaceship around to aim at and shoot the correct answer and gain points.

How can I get it?

Quizventure is a contributed plugin which must be installed by an administrator from the plugins directory here.

It is also available as standard inMoodle for School sites.

Where can I learn more?

Read the full Quizventure activity documentation here.