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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: Roadmap.

(Version 1.7 - Expected August 2006)
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This roadmap collects the best information about upcoming features in Moodle.  It is not 100% certain - features may change according to available funding and developers.
== Version 1.7 - Expected August 2006 ==
* [[Roles]] - Moodle.com
::This new system will allow the creation of custom roles at site, course and activity level
* [[Accessibility]] - Moodle.com
::Full compliance with all major accessibility standards
* [[XML Database Schema]] - Moodle.com
::Conversion to full database independence using new XML schema for ADOdb.  This will give us support for MS SQL, Oracle etc.
* [[Repository API]] - Open University
::Abstract all file operations to an API that allows plugins for different external repositories
* [[Gradebook]] - Arab Open University
::The gradebook system will be revamped for performance, switching from our older "pull" model to a "push" model where all modules will now publish grades as necessary into a central table.
* [[Multi Authentication]] - Iñaki Arenaza?
* [[Learning Design export]] - Moodle.com and Open University of The Netherlands
::We plan to have a very simple export for any Moodle course into IMS LD format, as a proof of concept and to help the community start learning about IMS LD.
* [[Fields#Latitude.2Flongitude|Latitude/longitude data type]] - Dan Stowell
::A new field type for database activities, storing geographic locations, with integrated links with [http://earth.google.com Google Earth], [http://www.openstreetmap.org/ OpenStreetMap], and more.
== Version 2.0 - Expected early 2007 ==
* [[IMS Learning Design]] - Moodle.com
::Support for importing/exporting LD, converting Moodle activities and sequences of activities into a standard format for sharing, and importing standard sequences into Moodle courses
* [[Conditional activities]] - Moodle.com
::Allowing dependencies and forced paths through the content
* [[Metadata]] - Moodle.com
::Build on the keywords in 1.6 to provide metadata for all activities and courses, linkable to standard lists of metadata such as State-based learning outomes and curricula
* [[Web Services API]]
::Providing remote control and access of Moodle services by other systems, as well as sharing of information between Moodle sites with trust relationships.
* [[Student Information API]]
::API for integrating external systems for managing student information
* [[Community hub]] - Moodle.com
::Leverage above improvements into a system to network Moodles together
== Version 2.1 ==
* [[Site groups|Groups]]
::Groups can also be defined at the site level, and activities can be assigned to course groups
* [[Portfolio API]]
::Interface Moodle activities and repositories to help produce portfolios for internal assessment AND external publication

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