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I really like how my students are responding to badges. I have four courses which are very similar and I want to use the same badges for each course. Do I have to create badges for each course separately? First I tried to import the badges from the original course in which I created them. That didn't do it. Then I tried to back up the course with the badges and restore it in the new course where I want the badges. That didn't work. I'm learning about the 'backpack' option but it just seems like a place to keep badges after you have been awarded them.

I think I'm going overboard with how many badges I have. My solution I guess is to cut back on the number of badges I create so it doesn't take so long to set them up.

Hi Daniel, badges backup and restore is available in Moodle 2.5.1 onwards (MDL-39558). If you have any questions about it, please post in the Badges forum on where the badges experts hang out. --Helen Foster (talk) 14:27, 19 February 2014 (WST)