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Secondary education

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Frequent uses in Primary education can be extended in late childhood/adolescent years particularly with social, collaborative learning features like forums, wikis, glossaries, blogs and more.

At this stage, teachers often streamline submission of assignments, post feedback, grades. Many creative educators begin to encourage peer evaluation through ratings, design of projects in Groups, even editing of roles and permissions, thus adding responsibility for courses and individual activities.

Moodle conditional activities may be used for gamification.

Moodle for School

MoodleCloud offers a Moodle for School paid hosting service that may be perfect for multiple classes in K-12 teaching and learning environments.

These are the the extra plugins that are included (as of July 2016) in the Moodle for School at MoodleCloud:

If your school has a different hosting, you might want to consider adding the above plugins to your site.

Secondary education examples and links

Implementing Moodle - A video about how Cynffig Comprehensive School implemented Moodle and how they use it and plan to use it in the future.

What can Moodle do for you - short clip by Mary Cooch on use of Moodle in primary & secondary setting.

Moodle in the classroom - Molly Tipton talks about using Moodle in her 8th grade social studies class.

How can Moodle change a school - 2-part video about gradual implementation, acceptance, and creative use of Moodle in a secondary school.

HCC COWS - From school planning to planning school - Roger Pryor describes the fantastic COWS: Moodle-powered district-wide Collaborative Online Workspaces. The phrase "from school planning to planning school" itself is telling that this is a great initiative. Check out the Moodle Cows & Moodle Sandbox !

Students use Moodle for 21st century learning - When Springville High School Principal Robert Harris went to a national dropout prevention workshop two years ago, he had no inkling that the ideas he gained from one session would take him on a journey that would help lead his students into true 21st Century learning.

Technology brings Moodle, wiki pages to class in Franklin Regional - A case of Moodle as a valuable tool in bridging the gap between tech savvy kids and their teachers.

Virtual Schools Adopt Moodle - The state-run virtual schooling programs in South Carolina and Utah have adopted learning management systems based on the open source Moodle platform.

Medford teachers continue to Moodle - A panel of teachers and administrators gave school officials a taste of the online learning initiatives that currently exist in the Medford Public Schools.

High school from home - A new program at Maidu High School in Auburn offers students an option to go to class without coming to school.

Teachers describe new technology tools in schools - Making course content accessible online and providing immediate feedback to help students greatly benefits staff and students in this cluster of St Croix Valley high schools.

Using Moodle for constructive learning in Berlin (Germany) schools - The "eXplorarium"-project brings Moodle and active, constructive learning to children, young people and teachers of schools (K-12) in Berlin, mainly in disadvantaged areas. Look at the video and visit the website, which takes you also to news about moodle and the project-showroom. (in German)

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