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Glossary FAQ

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How can I turn on glossary auto-linking?

  1. The glossary auto-linking filter should be enabled by an administrator in 'Manage filters' in the Site administration and the filter should be turned on in the course or activity.
  2. In the glossary settings 'Automatically link glossary entries' should be set to Yes.
  3. For each glossary entry, the checkbox 'This entry should be automatically linked' should be ticked.

How can I make glossary entries auto-link to the first instance on a page ONLY?

To stop the linking of every instance, an administrator can enable either 'Filter match once per page' or 'Filter match once per text' in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Common filter settings.

How can I delete a glossary entry attachment?

Simply delete the glossary entry and add a new one.

How can I enable glossary auto-linking in uploaded HTML files?

In Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Common filter settings, set filteruploadedfiles to "All files" or "HTML files only".

How can I exempt individual words from auto-linking to a Glossary entry?

If you don't want particular text to be linked (in a Forum post, say) then:

  1. In Edit mode, locate and click the Toggle HTML Source button on the formatting toolbar (appears as '<>' symbol)
  2. Locate the piece of text you want to exempt from autolinking
  3. Before and after the text respectively, add <nolink> and </nolink>.
  4. Save and check.

How can I prevent glossary auto-linking in a quiz?

  1. In Administration > Quiz administration > Filters turn the glossary auto-linking filter off
  2. Click the 'Save changes' button

How can I make a glossary "read only" for students?

How do I import entries from another glossary?

See Import glossary entries.

How can I make a glossary global?

See this forum thread on making a glossary global.

Does the glossary activity support group mode?

The glossary activity doesn't yet support group mode (see MDL-10728). However, you can restrict glossaries to groups using the Restrict access options.

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