Dashboard Block Global Settings

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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.2. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle is probably available here: Dashboard Block Global Settings.

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PostGre Accessory Connexion Scheme

These connection settings allow providing an accessory external connection to graph data from. This feature might be exteneded to MySQL scehem if Moodle administrator uses accessory platforms in complement with Moodle that do not support high level data reports.

Extra database hostname

The host name for an accessory extra database the dashboard block can choose to query rather than internal Moodle db.

Extra database port

Accessory database port

Extra database name

Name of the database to connect to

Extra database login

Login of a user having read access to accessory database

Extra database password

Password for a user having read access to accessory database

Performance and breackdown experience helpers

"Big Result" security trap threshold (experimental)

When processing a very lot of data, you may stuck your db connection and faildown your db server on low powered hostings. If this case occurs, it might be difficult to fix the query as having no more access to the configuration panel of the Dashboard block. If you ae not a Moodle dtabase expert and knows how to rip off the damaged block instance configuration, this settign could prevent big results from being otput without paging.

F.e , setting 300 as threshold will force any query ouptuting more than 300 lines of result to enter the paged display mode.

Activates the editing secured mode

You may even try more control for bad or strangling queries by avoiding the block to shoot the query while course is still in editing mode. Set 1 as value for this option to secure the editing mode. Cron is also responsible of delayed cache refresh.

Cron global settings

These settings will define when the dahboard global cron handling is enabled.

Cron activation

If this is set to "no", absolutely no automated export can run, including those block instances that choose their own scheduling settings.


Choose the hour all defaults cron enabled blocks will be processed.

Weekly frequency

Her you can chosse which day the dashboard will be cron processed. You can choose one day in the week or on a daily basis.