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URL resource

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What is a URL?

A URL (Uniform or Universal Resource Locator) is a link on the internet to a website or online file. Teachers can use the URL resource to provide their students with web links for research, saving the student time and effort in manually typing out the address.

Overview of the URL resource

How is it set up?

  1. In a course, with the editing turned on, choose URL from the activity chooser and give it a helpful name.
  2. in External URL, type the web address of the site you want to link to, or click the Choose a link button to access other options. Include the full https:// at the start.
  3. In Appearance, choose how you want your URL to display, using the ? help icon for more information. If you don't see all the settings then ask your admin as they may need to enable them site wide.
  4. Expand the other settings to specify what you require and then click Save and return to course.

How does it work?

Student view

Students click the icon to view a website or externally uploaded file, with a description if specified. How it displays depends on the teacher's settings in the Appearance section, and on the site settings.

Teacher view

Teachers can edit the URL settings (even without the editing turned on) by clicking the URL icon and then clicking the gear icon>Actions menu.


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