Learning Tools

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Learning Tools
Type Local Plugin
Set N/A
Downloads https://moodle.org/plugins/local_learningtools (not yet published)
Issues https://github.com/bdecentgmbh/moodle-local_learningtools/issues
Maintainer(s) Stefan Scholz

About Learning Tools


The purpose of Learning Tools is to provide students tools to improve their learning experience. All tools are very easy to use and can be accessed from a unified interface, the floating button. This design is well known and a very common choice in apps.


The plugin is built with flexibility and modularity in mind. The foundation is the local plugin, which implements the management functionality and the unified interface in the form of the floating button. On top of the local plugin, we've created a new (sub) plugin type called "ltool". In the initial release, we're publishing ltool_boomarks and ltool_notes. In the future, we plan many more tools which improve the learning experience even more. Have a look at our roadmap to learn more!

Learning Tools sub plugins

List of ltools that are available and planned for Learning Tools.
Name Description Tier since Version Tool Documentation
Bookmarks Create a bookmark to the current page Free 1.0 Learning Tools/Bookmarks
Notes Create a note for the current page Free 1.0 Learning Tools/Notes
Focus Mode Click to show only the content of the page (hides header, footer and sidebars) Free 1.0
Schedule Click to create a calendar entry for the current page — "Learn later" Free 1.0
Force activity Redirect students to a specific activity until they have completed it Pro 1.0
Email Send an email to participants of your course by role; supports attachments Pro 1.0
Invite Enrol students into your course by e-mail. Users that do not exist will be registered Pro 1.0 Learning Tools/Invite
Resume Click to resume the course where you left the last time Pro 1.0
Information Show course image and summary in a modal Pro 1.0
Custom styles Add CSS to a course locally Pro 1.0
Time Management Add relative start & due dates for activities and a due date for the whole course Pro 1.1
... see our roadmap for a full list of additions we plan

Installation & Configuration

Installation and configuration instructions can be found here: Learning Tools/Installation