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Freehand drawing question type

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Freehand Drawing is a question type for Moodle which allows examinees to draw their solution in a quiz.

qtype freehanddrawing 10.png

Moodle versions available

This plugin is listed as a Moodle 2.5 version, but it actually works in Moodle 3.3.1


  • You must first give the question a name. Choose one name that will make it easy to identify inside the Question bank.
  • Write the question text, stating clearly what the student must draw.
  • In this case we will ask about Magellan's circumnavigation arount the Earth.

qtype freehanddrawing 01.png

  • The background image is the canvas where the student will draw his answer. In this case we will use an image taken from the wikipedia article on Magellan.

qtype freehanddrawing 02.png

  • Your correct answer is actually your drawing!

qtype freehanddrawing 03.png

  • It is extremely important that you choose appropiate values for the size of the pencil used for drawing and the threshold for th correct answer. In this example we are using a very large pencil size and a very benign threshold, as this is only an example.

qtype freehanddrawing 04.png

  • Your correct answer is actually your drawing!

qtype freehanddrawing 05.png

  • If you will allow multiple tries, you must set the penalty and write the hint(s).

qtype freehanddrawing 06.png

  • If you are using Tags for your questions, you can choose the correspoding tags here.

qtype freehanddrawing 07.png

qtype freehanddrawing 07 Boost.png

What the student sees

  • The student is shown the background image

qtype freehanddrawing 08.png

  • The student will draw his/her answer

qtype freehanddrawing 09.png

How the question is marked

  • The marking shows;
    • the points for the question and the percentace of agreement between the teacher's respone and the student's response.
    • blue color: the correct answer you draw
    • green color: the parts of the student's answer that matches the correct answer
    • red color: the parts of the student's answer that do not match the correct answer

qtype freehanddrawing 10.png

  • You must check that your question works as intended. If not, you can:
    • Change the size of the pencil: If you make it it smaller the student will need to produce a finer drawing
    • Change the threshold for correct answer, taking into account the nature of the question and the skill level of your students.
    • Check that the feedback will give the student the extra information that the student would need to better answer this question in another try.


Even though this is a very old plugin (Release date: 8th october 2013) that was meant for Moodle 2.5, and it has not been updated in many years, and it shows 2807 errors and 124 warnings when checked by Moodle's code checker plugin, it actually 'works' in Moodle 3.3.1 :) but it causes serious errors whe the cron job runs ;(

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