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The Participants page enables teachers to easily enrol, view, search for, filter, edit and delete course participants.

The Participants page can be accessed from the navigation drawer in the Boost theme or the Administration block in other themes. It can also be accessed from the More link in the gear menu, by clicking Enrolled users in the Users tab.

Participants filtering

Enrolling users

Users may be enrolled from the Enrol users button at the top right and bottom right of the screen.


Filtering and searching for users

The filter at the top left of the screen allows for filtering by period of activity, enrolment method, group, roles, status and keyword. More than one may be selected, with the option to filter 'Any' or 'All'

New in 3.11: If country is selected as a user identity field form Site administration > User policies, participants may be filtered by country.


You can also search users by any of the fields defined in the "Show user identity" setting. Some of the searchable fields, such as username, first name and last name, allow you to use wildcards to represent one or more characters. There are two wildcards:

  • % The percent sign represents zero, one, or multiple characters
  • _ The underscore represents a single character (Note: MS Access uses a question mark '?' instead of the underscore '_').

These wildcards can be escaped, if needed, to search users containing them, using a backslash '\':

  • A_B will find all the users starting with an A, followed by any character and then B (i.e. AxB or A2B, but not AxxB).
  • A\_B will find users starting exactly with 'A_B'.

It is possible to bulk select, edit and delete users who have self enrolled, in a similar way to users who have been enrolled manually.


  • To assign an enrolled user a role, click the pencil icon in the Roles column then select the desired role and click the save icon to confirm the change.
  • To remove a role assignment, click the delete icon (a cross) next to the role name.
  • Only roles which can be assigned in the course context type are available to select. The course context type may be set by an admin by editing the role via Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles.
  • Only roles which a user is allowed to assign are available to select.


To add a user to a group (requires at least one group to have been created previously), click the pencil icon in the Groups column, select the group and then click the save icon to confirm the change.



The status column shows the current status of a user's enrolments, for example Active or Suspended. Where a user has two different enrolment types (eg manual/cohort sync) both are displayed in the status column:


City/town or country

Users' city/town or country may be displayed for users with the capability moodle/site:viewuseridentity (by default manager, teacher and non-editing teacher) by selecting these fields in 'Show user identity' in User policies in the Site administration.

Sending a message, adding a note, downloading or editing enrolments

You can send a message, add a note, download the data or edit or delete selected manual user enrolments via the dropdown menu below the list of course participants.

Note that only users who were previously manually or self enrolled can have their enrolment edited or deleted in bulk. The enrolment for users who enrolled using a different enrolment method, may be edited or deleted for a user via the edit enrolment link (cog icon) in the status column.

Hiding the list of participants

If required, you can use the capability View participants to prevent students from viewing the list of participants.

At the course level:

  1. On the Participants page from the actions menu (cog icon) select Permissions
  2. Filter by viewparticipants
  3. For the capability 'View participants' remove the student role and confirm.

At site level, the 'View participants' capability can be unset for the role of student.