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Theme Elegance 2.9 is written by Bas Brands and is a contributed (third party) rewrite of the original Elegance theme for Moodle written by Danny Wahl and Julian (Moodleman) Ridden.

Theme elegance is using the Boostrap3 parent theme adding various customisation options. It includes an elegant base design but you are free to choose your own colours, backgrounds, transparency and more to adopt the visual identity to your needs.

Elegance is a 2 to 3 column Responsive theme written with the Bootstrap 3 framework for Moodle 2.9 designed to provide a more professional and clean website focused look and feel. It provides Admins with an image slider and Marketing spots on the homepage to drive users where you need to. The theme also makes strong use of Font Awesome to provide icons throughout the design.

The theme is highly customisable through Moodle's theme settings. You can adjust images, text and colours all without changing code. As this theme has several advanced functions, this page exists to provide some basic instruction on its use. Please be sure to target any questions related to this theme in the Theme's forums at moodle.org and bugs to the Github issue list

Theme Objectives

The aim of this theme is to provide a nice frontend to the Bootstrap 3 parent theme using some of the bootstrap JavaScript widgets and implementing the configuration of less variables through theme settings. It uses lots of Mustache templates to render these widgets.

Configurable Options

The theme includes all of the global theme settings options except for the user menu option.

Custom Theme Settings

  • maximum content width
  • slider images
  • marketing links
  • quick links
  • custom footer text
  • social media icons
  • optional fixed navbar
  • login page background slider
  • content transparency
  • global theme color
  • blocks left, right, both
  • and lots more...

Download link

This theme is only available for Moodle 2.6 and above. You can download the theme from http://moodle.org/plugins/view.php?plugin=theme_elegance

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