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The Adobe Connect block is contributed code that provides single sign on (SSO) with an Adobe Connect server, it also creates Adobe Connect rooms and users from Moodle courses and users. As web conferencing software, Adobe Connect has audio/video, screen sharing, text chat and conferencing tools.


Simple one-way synchronization from Moodle to Adobe Connect. It creates the course room the first time a course user accesses, as well as the user-room assignment and the user itself.

There are two capabilities, one for Adobe Connect "host" role, usually a teacher, and another for Adobe Connect "view" role.

The block uses the Adobe Connect web services to create rooms, create users, assigns users to rooms and login users into Adobe Connect from Moodle, in order to do that, Adobe Connect administrator credentials must be configured on the block settings page.

The Adobe Connect rooms names are the Moodle course id, and the users are created with the Moodle email as Adobe Connect username and the username in md5 as password.

For a more suitable integration with Adobe Connect see Adobe Connect module by Remote Learner:

Adobe Connect module by Remote Learner modules and plugins page

Adobe Connect module by Remote Learner Moodle Docs page


  • After the block installation and configuration, users with edition course privileges can add a block instance at course level (not at site level) as usual.
  • Once the logged user clicks on the block link, a new window will be opened and he/she will be redirected to the Adobe Connect room of the course.


  • Adobe Connect Server, version >= 6
  • PHP Curl library installed
  • Optional but highly recommended, Adobe Connect application server with SSL


  • Copy to Moodle blocks/ folder
  • Click "Notifications" link, on frontpage admin settings tree
  • Go to the frontpage admin tree, "Modules" -> "Blocks" -> "Adobe Connect" to configure the block, setting the host and an Adobe Connect admin user to allow the block to create rooms, user...
  • Define which roles can use the integration in the frontpage admin settings tree, "Users" -> "Permissions" -> "Define roles". By default it's only enabled for Moodle 'admin' role

Other information

  • Supported languages: English, Español and Català
  • Moodle supported versions: 1.9 and 1.9.x

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