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iAssign (interactive Assignment) package aims to enhance activities in Moodle, allowing the incorporation of "interactive Learning Module" (iLM) to Moodle. iAssign also provides: an area to teachers cooperate; a filter to incorporate any iLM in any Moodle text; and a modified TinyMCE editor. Some of the iLM that comes with iAssign are: iGeom, iGraf and iComb.

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"Ilustration of iAssign with iGeom"


This is the iAssign (Interactive Assignment) package, a contribution of LInE (Laboratory of Informatics in Education from University of São Paulo) to promote "free software, private data". It is created by Leônidas de Oliveira Brandão and Patricia Alves, since 2017 with collaboration of Igor Moreira Félix.

iAssign's goal is to increase interactivity in educational activities related to specific subjects (such as Geometry, Functions, Programming,...) in a flexible way.

In order to improve interactivity, iAssign makes use of iLM (interactive Learning Module), that is any interactive tool that runs under a Web browser. Typically an iLM is a Java Applet or an HTML/JS package with a few (mandatory) communication methods, all based on HTTP protocol. This implies that any Web education software can easily became an iLM and can be integrated to Moodle under iAssign package.

If the iLM offers automatic assessment functionality, iAssign is able to deal with it. Under such iLM, iAssign provides immediate feedback to the student, and the teachers can get instant information about their activities (including reports about the student performance).

Tha Moodle administrator can add new iLM into iAssign/Moodle, at any time. Once integrated, an iLM can be used by anyone registered in your Moodle. For instance, a user with privileges of "teacher" is allowed to use the iAssign authoring tools to create activities with any iLM (like iGeom, iGraf, or iVProg, respectively to related to the subjects of Geometry, Functions, or Programming).

These plugins are called interactive Learning Modules (iLM), and examples of iLM that comes with iAssign are:

  1. iVProg (HTML/JS): Visual and Interactive Programming on the Internet
  2. iHanoi (HTML/JS): Interactive Towers of Hanoi
  3. iGeom (Java): Interactive Geometry



This module is similar to Moodle plugin Assignment, but the teacher can define dependencies between iAssign activities. Below is a list of additional features that it has:

  • Allows teacher to create, edit and delete interactive activities, using any iLM, such as:
    • iVProg: to learn programming using Visual Programming or textual programming.
    • iHanoi: to learn problem solving, decomposition and recursive functions.
    • iGeom: to learn topics related to Geometry (includes programming through recursive functions).
  • Allows creation of examples and exercises (evaluation);
  • Each activity allows communication between teacher and students (in each activity);
  • A repository for manage iLM files:
    • Manage files and folders;
    • Editor of iLM files online;
    • Upload files and folders;
  • And some more.


To enjoy the features of Moodle in a complete way the iAssign was separated into several components, and seamlessly it can bring resources to the use of interactive activities in Moodle.


The separation of the components can be seen most visibly in the schematic below:


Manager Interactive Activities of iAssign (Block Plugin)

This plugin is a block allowing access an area to the teachers' cooperation for manager interactive activities of iAssign.

See more documentation page.

iAssign Filter (Filter Plugin)

This plugin is a filter to incorporate any iLM (interactive Learning Modules) activities in any Moodle text.

See more documentation page.

Insert interactive activity (iAssign) by TinyMCE editor (TinyMCE Plugin)

This plugin is a plugin for TinyMCE editor for insert any iLM (interactive Learning Modules) activities in any Moodle text.

See more documentation page.

Examples of Use

Coming soon...

New Proposals

  • Allow iLM in HTML5 package;
  • Plugin for Atto editor;
  • iAssign question type;


  • Authors
    • Patricia Alves Rodrigues [[1]]
    • Leônidas O. Brandão [[2]]
  • Developers
    • Leônidas O. Brandão [[3]]
    • Igor Moreira Félix [[4]]
    • Patricia Alves [[5]]
  • Contributuions
    • Luciano Oliveira Borges [[6]]
    • Romenig da Silva Ribeiro [[7]]
    • Tulio Faria [[8]]
  • Translators
    • Marcelo de Arce Alemany [[9]]
    • Danilo Leite Dalmon [[10]]

Development and Financing

Institute of Mathematics and Statistics - University of São Paulo.

Laboratory of Informatics in Education (LInE)

iMath project - interactive Math on Internet

http://line.ime.usp.br | http://www.matematica.br | http://www.usp.br/line