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Notes by James Neill:

Adding favour to your moodle: Moving away from the vanilla

Julian Ridden, moodleman

This was probably the highlight presentation with the conference (along with Kirkpatrick and Dougiamas)

  1. Shows video of what we're trying to achive today: Elevator fail - people stuck (1 min.) - we're trying not to get "stuck"? stuck on
  2. Ridden background secondary educator, IT, works for and a moodle partner, using Moodle for about 6 years, moodle evangelist
  3. Practicum
  4. Modular
    1. Components - plug-in, plug-out
    2. Object Oriented
    3. Dynamic Learning Environment
  5. Free and Open Source Software vs. walled gardens
  6. Moodle "ships" with a large list of options - but Moodle is a swiss-army knife (metaphor) (everyone will use different components) - focus on tools that you can use
  7. No coding skills are typically required to add new blocks/modules
  8. Integrations
    1. SCORM - standard format for backup/import/export with other software - There has been a Backup button in all sites
    2. Mahara (plug-in) - e-portfolio (student data disappears when site/course is reset) - hence an argument for e-portfolio which collates all of a students' work - in Moodle 2.0 "Add to my portfolio" buttons for anything
    3. PodCast, eXe, LAMS, OpenID, Second Life
  9. 47,600 learning communities, 21 million users - scalable - 1 class thru to OU (UK) (underestimate bec. only 1/2 to 1/3 of those who register)
  10. Moodle is built by educators! For educators! (participate in the community site) i.e., development at the coal face
  11. Resources and activities
    1. Image galleries (plugin to resize, crop, edit, display)
    2. SLOODLE - Second Life and Moodle integration
  12. Themes - can change the look/feel at the developer level - basic webskills
  13. Branding requirements vs. "Engagement" (i.e., let's not make it look like an online learning space)
  14. Quiz question types e.g. click and drag matching, image target, molecule editor
  15. Connect with external systems
    1. Oliver
    2. Mahara
    3. Second Life
    4. Alfresco
    5. Google
    6. EduMate (student management system): Sites created automatically; can be done with LDAP too
    7. Joomla
    8. OpenID
    9. LAMS
  16. Filters
  17. Blocks
  18. Reports
  19. Lightbox gallery - easy to use for uploading, showing, editing, tagging etc.
  20. Books
    1. Multi-page webpage resource (nav bar + chapters) - and can create a printed book with one click - much better than the webpage resource
  21. Certificate
    1. Helps with engagement - provides reward mechanism - dynamically generate certificate for user
    2. Set a prerequsite
  22. Dialogue activity
    1. Alternative to email reliance (also gives email) - tracks correspondence
    2. Can opt to receive email
    3. Student-Teacher, Student-Student (e.g., all communication about the task is done through here - to help track contributions), or e/one with e/one
  23. Feedback survey
    1. Currently a plug-in, but it will be in Moodle 2.0
    2. Allows custom-creation of surveys (like a quiz): Much better than the survey tool
    3. No right/wrong answers (unlike a quiz)
    4. Can be anonymous (but only one submission - better in this case than surveymonkey)
  24. Modules and Plugins Database
    1. Not all are created equal - user beware
  25. Having a staging environment to try these things out before going live
  26. Moodle Partners going through a quality control process
  27. Or you can try Riddens'
  28. Dim Dim Web Meeting - free and open source - Activity inside Moodle
  29. Skype - user profile field - shows online status can click if online
  30. Labels - can contain anything e.g. images

Course layout

Ridden - scroll of death

  1. Tabs
  2. Accordion


  1. OpenShare module - he has no experience