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Hi all

thank you for reading and contributing to the installation page.

It would perhaps be really, really useful to novice users to provide a brief explanation of what is going on and why this is the case:

1. Enable Zend OpCache/Change Document Root - i.e. what and why are we changing the document root? 2. why are we copying the local repository (where the git folders are) again to /var/www/html/ 3. why are we changing sytem paths?

need not be too detailed, but the information here can be quite overwhelming when one doesn't know why they are doing it, and what they are actually doing. that's my only suggestion.

--B K (talk) 11:08, 9 July 2014 (WST)

Installing PostgreSQL

As mentioned in, it would be VERY useful if someone experienced in Ubuntu expands this page and includes the necessary steps for installing PostgreSQL. They were present in the Moodle 2.0 version of this page. German Valero (talk)

Some suggestions

  1. Vim isn't the most user friendly text editor. Nano (ctrl-x, etc) would be my advice for someone who has to be told how to install an editor.
  2. This will install a http version of the site if run on my usual choice of VPS. If you want to use WebRTC for recording audio directly into Moodle, https is required. Getting a secure SSL connection before starting the install saves the step of replacing http with https later.
  3. I haven't run across a database file format problem in Ubuntu for some time. I suspect this is no longer required and could be hived off to a new linked page for those who have this problem.
  4. There are links to a separate git page ( so I would consider putting in only the git commands and making this link more explicit.
  5. A link to the cron page at the "Installation Complete " section would be a useful reminder. Installation is not really complete until backups, mail and other tasks are done.
  6. The Enable Zend OpCache/Change section is big enough for its own page.

-James Steerpike (talk) 07:40, 23 February 2021 (UTC)

Thanks for your comments!

Please feel free to add to the page yourself if you are experienced in Moodle Ubuntu installation. --Mary Cooch (talk) 15:08, 7 July 2014 (WST)