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The Admin breadcrumb ends with "Course managers". This setting is not visible in Site Administration > Appearance. I did an Admin search for "course managers" and it came up empty, so I can't fix it. Just fyi. :)

4. New role considerations

A new role is not automatically listed in course descriptions even if was created by copying a role that is listed, such as Teacher. If you want the new role to appear in the course listing, you must set it explicitly via Administration > Site administration > Appearance > Course managers.

Thanks Clay

Thanks Clay for spotting this out of date information which I have now corrected :) --Mary Cooch (talk) 19:31, 23 September 2014 (WST)

"Add new role" does not offer "Select template for the new role"


I'm trying to create a role so teachers can see all the assignments on their students' calendars (to avoid student overload). I reached this roadblock when trying to use this page:

"To create a custom role:

   Go to Administration > Site administration > Users > Permissions > Define roles.
   Click the "Add a new role" button.
   Select template for the new role or upload a preset"

--When I click "Add a new role," all I see is this:

Add a new role.jpg

Documentation would improve by explaining what step(s) to take if no template is available to select.