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A common question. "We have many course documents in Word and PDF format at the moment. We ant to put them in a lesson, where 1 chapter would be 1 lesson. Is there anyway to easily do this and retain the formatting, esp around screenshots with arrows and description around them?"

  • Create some image files of your pdf or word document converted to pdf.
  • Create some image files of your PowerPoint and insert those
  • Reference the PDF for a lesson by the "pop to file or web page" option
  • Convert your pdf files a movie files
  • Do not have lessons, use a word or pdf file as a resource, use conditional activities to link it to a quiz that is loaded with feedback to each question

Creating manageable PDFs

PDF files can be split into chapters. There are free "pdf splitter" utilities that will do this. Google "pdf splitter" and you'll find a bunch. In your situation, you might want to attach the chapter as a resource in this form. You can also, obviously split the PDF more granularly (if that's a word?) than chapter, and some of the utilities probably have a feature to automatically split all the pages.

The quality of the resulting small PDFs is usually higher than the same PDF exported as an image. Your PDF can be referenced by the lesson in the "pop-to file or web page" option, or as a URL - you obviously need to host the PDF on your Moodle site.

Copy and pasting Word into Moodle

Word does add hidden formatting to be copied when it is pasted into Moodle directly. If you are unable or unwilling to type your content directly into Moodle's editor, then click the code view icon in the toolbar and paste your text in there. You will have to then redo any formatting but your text will be 'clean'.

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