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This 'report' is actually at tool that lets you edit all the dates for all] the activities in your course on a single page.

Once the plugin is installed, you can access the functionality by going to Reports -> Dates in the navigation block when you are looking at the course.


This tool is available to users with the report/editdates:view capability, so you can control who can use it.

In order to actually edit any given date, you need the applicable standard Moodle capability like moodle/course:manageactivities (for activity dates), moodle/course:update (for the course start date) or moodle/site:manageblocks (for blocks dates). In other words, you can only edit a date through this report if you can edit it using the standard Moodle UI.

Known issues

  • Does not currently support standard wiki (only OU wiki).
  • There seems to be an issue with editing the Allow access from / to and Expected completed dates, although there is supposed to be code in there to make that work.

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