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Datalynx CSV view

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Special settings for a CSV view. In this view the "Entry template" setting is missing, because in order to export data, no layout is necessary. Instead, the data for output is controlled by the setting "Settings"

View template

This view provides tags, that are not present in other views. The tags ##export:page## and ##export:all## will create a link, that leads to the download of the CSV, XLS or ODS file. The tag ##import## is currently not supported.


In this section, you can determine the output data.

Output type

  • CSV
  • Excel (XLS)
  • OpenDocumentSpreadsheet (ODS)


The delimiter for separating columns (table cells).


You can define, if text is put in parentheses or similar signs.


The default value for export is UTF-8. UTF-8 has become the dominant character encoding for the World Wide Web, accounting for more than half of all Web pages. But you can choose any other encoding as well.

Export fields

Typically, you export one field per line. You can also combine to fields in one line, if you want to join them in a table cell.

Field tags

Choose the fields to be exported from this dropdown menu. Note, that image fields, or file-fields can not be exported to CSV.