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Using Book

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Navigate your book

In addition to the links in the table of contents, you may move through the book using the arrows located to the top-left and bottom-left of the content.


Uses of the book module

You can use the book module to present information in a well-structured, user-friendly format. But there are other possibilities. Because this module allows one to import individual web pages or folders of web pages, it is useful for group work. Example: Each student creates a simple web page about your school and the teacher, (that's you!) uploads the pages to the book. Voila! You and your students have created a useful, interesting resource for new students and their parents. You could do this to create a class cook book and nutrition guide, a resource about local civic organizations, triangles in our daily lives, world leaders, you name it. Alternatively, you could enable students to upload pages to the book - see Book FAQ for details.

Printing a book

Whole books and individual chapters may be printed by selecting the relevant link in Administration > Book administration.

The print book option

If you do not wish certain roles to be able to print books (e.g. students) then you can remove the capability booktool/print:print in Administration > Book administration > Permissions.

Exporting a book as an IMS content package

Any user with the export a book as an IMS content package capability (by default nobody except admins) can do so via Administration > Book administration > Generate IMS CP.

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