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RSS is a technology where visitors to your site can choose to have the site send new postings to an RSS reader. RSS allows a user to build a custom news service. When users “subscribe” to your RSS-enabled page, they will get new postings from Forums and/or new entries in Glossaries, without having to visit your Moodle. Moodle has an RSS aggregator (collector) for these modules. The end user does need a way to display the news-feed. Windows and Macintosh RSS news readers can be found at: • (web based) • (web based) - or you can put RSS into a search engine to find more.

Why use RSS? If you normally try to keep updated on what is happening on say 10 or 15 different websites, RSS can help. If all these web pages are RSS enabled, then you can put all 15 RSS feeds into your RSS news-reader, and see all the new things going on in one place.

RSS Feeds Moodle supports outgoing (out of Moodle) RSS feeds. This option needs to be enabled by your Moodle administrator. Once enabled, RSS is available in the Forum and Glossary modules.

More about RSS in Forums and Glossaries you will find here.

And here is a link to a forum, in which you will find a link to an article about RSS.

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