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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: blocks/moodletxt/status.

Message Status Page

The message status page gives full details on the recipients of a given message, along with the status of the text messages sent. When the page loads, the details of the message sent will appear at the top left. This includes the Moodle user from which the message was sent, the time at which it was sent, the time it was scheduled to be sent at, and the actual text of the message. Below this, the recipients of the message are listed.

For each recipient, the following information is shown:

This field shows the name of the recipient, whether they are a Moodle user or a contact in your address book.
Destination Number 
The phone number to which the text message was sent.
Time of Update 
The time and date at which this message's status information was last updated by the ConnectTxt system.
Message Status 
The current status of this text message. There are three icons that are used to denote the status of a message. A red icon with a cross through it means that the message has failed. The recipient will not receive the message, and it should be checked and re-sent to this recipient. A green icon with no cross or tick means that the message has been sent, and no further information has yet been received. A green icon with a tick means that the message was received by the recipient.

The listing table can be edited and re-ordered like any other Moodle data table. Once you are happy with the data currently onscreen, you can also export it to a spreadsheet or similar file using the download options at the bottom of the table. Simply select the type of export you would like from the provided drop-down list, and then click the download button.

Updating Message Statuses

If your MoodleTxt installation has been configured correctly, it will automatically update message statuses in the background, without your intervention. However, if you wish to check for updated information, simply click the "Update" button, above the status listing on the left of the page. The page will refresh (this may take a moment while the ConnectTxt system is contacted), and the most up-to-date information will be displayed.