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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: blocks/moodletxt/addressbook view.

Viewing a MoodleTxt Address Book

This page exists displays all contacts available within the selected address book. It allows you to browse, edit and delete them, as well as export the list to a file for download. If you wish to add a new contact to the address book, or edit your address book's contact groups, two links to the pages that handle this functionality are available at the top-left of the page.

Contact Listing

The primary feature of this page is a listing of all contacts contained within the address book. The table of contacts shows the following fields:

  • Contact's first name
  • Contact's last name
  • Name of company (if contact is a company, or represents one)
  • Contact's phone number

The list displayed is a standard Moodle table, and can be re-ordered, edited and navigated like any other tabular list in Moodle.

Editing a Listed Contact

MoodleTxt supports inline editing of the contacts displayed in the contact list. To edit a contact, simply double-click on it. The text row representing that contact will be automatically converted into a form.


You can then make the appropriate corrections to the contact directly within the listing. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the "Save" button at the right of the contact row, and the contact will be saved back into the listing. Clicking "Cancel" will revert any changes and restore the contact's entry to its previous state.

Deleting One or More Contacts

To delete contacts from your address book, first select them in the contact listing by checking the box at the left of each contact entry. (You can also select or deselect all contacts on the page by using the "Check all"/"Uncheck all" links at the bottom left of the table.) Once you have the contacts you wish to delete selected, click the "Delete the selected records" link underneath the contact listing, and the contacts will be removed from the address book.

Alternatively, if the set of contacts you wish to retain in the address book is smaller than the set you wish to delete, you can select the contacts you wish to keep, and then click the link labelled "Delete all records except those currently selected" underneath the contact listing. This will delete all contacts in the address book except for those that you have selected from the contact listing.

Changing the Address Book's Name and Visibility

If you wish to change the details of the address book, they are displayed as an inline form at the top-left of the page, just above the contact listing. Simply edit the address book's name and visibility level and click the "Save" button. The page will refresh, and a short notification should be displayed indicating that the address book's details were updated in the database.

Possible visibility levels for the address book:

Private Address Books 
These are address books visible only to you, and can only have messages sent to them from your account.
Global Address Books 
These are visible to all users within the Moodle system, and messages can be sent to them from anywhere. However, the address book can still only be edited/maintained by you.