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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: admin/setting/moodletxtfilters.

Managing Inbound Filters in MoodleTxt

This page allows you to edit MoodleTxt's inbound message filters. These filters are used when incoming messages are received from the ConnectTxt system, to forward them to the appropriate Moodle user's inbox. This form uses a step-by-step process to edit the filters in place, and add new ones. Fields within the form that are not ready for use, or depend on user input, will be locked until they are ready, so don't worry if you can't immediately access some parts of the form.

Selecting a ConnectTxt Account

Firstly, select the ConnectTxt account within the system you wish to apply filters on from the first drop-down box in the form. You will see a loading icon appear for a short period whilst MoodleTxt loads the existing filter structure for that account.

Note: In terms of filtering, ConnectTxt accounts are independent of one another. It is quite possible to have the same keyword filter on several different accounts, routing messages to different users. Similarly, it is possible to set up one keyword across all accounts that is always filtered to the same user.

Selecting or Creating a Filter

Once the loading icon has disappeared, the two lists of existing filters will be populated and unlocked. You now have two options.

  1. To edit an existing filter on the system, select it from either the keyword or phone number filter list. You will see another loading message while the details of that particular filter are pulled out of the database. When this disappears, you should be able to see the filter's current recipients in the large select box underneath.
  2. To create a new filter, click the green "add" icon to the right of either the keyword or phone number filter lists, depending on which you wish to create. The filter list will be replaced with a text box. In this box you enter the operand for your new filter – that is the keyword or phone number on which you wish to filter messages. Once you have done this, the large recipient list underneath should be unlocked.

You have now specified the filter you wish to edit. Below the two filter options on the page is a larger select box. This box holds a list of all the recipients specified for a particular filter. For a new filter, this will be blank, and for an existing filter, it will show the list of previously selected recipients for that filter.

Adding and Removing Filter Recipients

To add a new recipient to a filter, locate the textbox labelled "Add users to filter". This is an auto-completing search box. As you type in it, it searches the Moodle database for the user you are looking for and displays possible selections onscreen. You can search by either first name, last name or username. For example, typing "Pre" into our MoodleTxt test server would display "Preece, Greg J (admin)".

Once the user you are looking for is displayed, select them by either highlighting them with the arrow keys and hitting return, or by clicking on them with the mouse. You should see the user being added to the recipient list.

To remove a recipient from a filter, select them from the recipients list and click the "Remove selected users from filter" button below it. They will be immediately removed from the recipients list. You can remove multiple users at the same time by either holding CTRL to select multiple individual entries, or holding SHIFT to select a consecutive group.

Once the filter has been edited/created to your satisfaction, and the recipients list appears correct, click the "Save the filter" button at the bottom of the form, and it will be saved back to the database. If you have removed all recipients from an existing filter, then that filter will also be deleted once the recipients have been removed.