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Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 3.0. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: admin/setting/moodletxtaccountsnew.

Adding a New ConnectTxt Account to MoodleTxt

This page allows you to register a new ConnectTxt account with the MoodleTxt block. It should be one of your first stops after installing the block, and you will be redirected to it if you attempt to access other account-related pages when no accounts have been added to MoodleTxt.

If no accounts have been added to MoodleTxt when you go to this page, then some introductory text will be displayed explaining the purpose of the block and providing useful contact information. Beneath this, you will find the form for entering a new ConnectTxt account. Enter the username and password of the ConnectTxt account you wish to add to MoodleTxt. You may also enter a short description of the account if you wish.

With this done, please select a user to use as the default inbox for incoming messages on this account. The user with the default inbox is the one that will receive any inbound text messages that do not match any user filters within the MoodleTxt installation. This is to prevent unfiltered messages being lost. It is required that you select a default inbox owner even if you do not intend to use MoodleTxt for inbound messaging. Only users with the "block/moodletxt:defaultinbox" capability can own default inboxes.

Once you are done, click “Add Account.” The page will refresh. As it does so, the account details entered will be validated with the ConnectTxt system. This ensures that all the ConnectTxt accounts you save in MoodleTxt exist on the ConnectTxt system, that the passwords are correct, and that the accounts have been enabled for use with MoodleTxt. If no errors are found, you will be taken to the MoodleTxt account listing page.