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Splitset question type

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This code is a contributed code.


The split set question type implements a quiz question based on list splitting activity.

You may define from 2 to 5 output sets where a list of items can be split in.

The activity consists in defining which output suits to each item, collecting a fraction of the maximum grade for each correct subanswer.

  • Typical use with 2 sets :
    • A multiple true/false question array.
    • A allowed/forbidden quiz with multiple actions proposal
  • Example use with three sets (adequate, inadequate, no impact):

30 splitset question.jpg


See Installing plugins.


This is the specific part of the question setting relative to the Splitset feature:

30 Splitset configuration.jpg

Configuration fields

Default mark

How many marks/points the question will add to global quiz score.

General feedback

A feedback witch is given for any result of the question

Nunber of sets

The number of answers in the output set. Note that when you increase this number, you may store the question once and edit back to get the question result mapping lists refreshed.

Note: The plugin programmer still needs to find a way to dynamically refresh those lists.

Set <n> name

The answer option labels for each choice.

Numbering style

The style of question item numbering as displayed in the quiz panel.

Shuffle set elements

If enabled, the order of the questions will be randomized at each new attempt.


30 Splitset feedbacks.jpg

Items to be sorted

30 Splitset elements.jpg

Element <n>

This is the text of the question item appearing on the left.

Correct Answer <n>

The expected set number for this element.


This question type was programmed by Valery Fremaux for the Institut Iperia (homecare workers professional developement organization)