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Scheduler Module capabilities

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Manage all scheduler data. Can do quite everything with that capability.


Schedule appointments for other staff members. This is valuable when a third-party staff member (department secretary) has to program appointments for other teachers.


Appoint. Typically a student capability, for being able to appoint to a slot.


Manage your own slots and appointments. This is a common capability for non editing teachers that have to appoint with students.


Drop all appointments (students). When having such capability, a student may revoke his own appointments allowing a less constrainted interaction.


See other student booking on the slot. Usually a student side capability, that allows to see who have booked at what time.


See other slot student's result. Allows a student to see the grade and feedback given to the other students in the slot. The slot must have been marked as "seen".


Attend students


Can browse other teachers appointments in the overview additional screen

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