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Openlml enrolment plugin

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The Open LML enrolment plugin is meant to be used together with the german Open Linux Musterlösung linux school server. The plugin connects to the main administration program Schulkonsole and transfers data from there into Moodle, so that user management and course enrolment is simplified and mostly automated.


  • Students and teachers accounts are transferred into Moodle and synchronized with changes in the servers LDAP tree.
  • For each teacher a course category is autocreated/autoremoved.
  • LDAP groups (classes, projects and teacher groups) are transfered to Moodle cohorts on system level.
  • cohorts can be automatically enroled into Moodle courses by providing their name in the course idnumber field. To make the idnumber unique, it has to be prepended by the course shortname.
  • hourly cron job synchronizes cohorts and cohort enrolments.


This plugin depends on the manual enrolment plugin to be enabled(this is enabled by default). This plugin depends on the LDAP authentication plugin to be enabled and configured. This plugin depends on the Cohort sync enrolment plugin to be enabled.


Copy the archive into the Moodle main directory (usually /usr/share/moodle) and unzip it.

Activate the module LDAP authentication and configure it.

Activate the module Cohort sync enrolment.

Review the settings in Website Administration -> Plugins -> Enrolment -> Open LML enrolment.

First steps

Start by logging in as a teacher. You should see a course category below //teachers_course_context// (usually Lehrer ). Create a course(f.e. fullname=course test, shortname=test) and set the course idnumber for example to test:5a. Wait for an hour and return to the course. Review the students list. You should see the students from the cohort 5a as enroled students in your course.

Next use the Schulkonsole to create a new project (for example p_test) and put some users into it. Go back to your Moodle course, set idnumber to test:ta,p_test and you should see (after an hour) the participants of your project enroled in the Moodle course.

Now create a project p_teachers_ma and include the mathematics teachers in it. Go back to Moodle and create a course fullname=Math teachers and shortname=tma. For idnumber fill in tma:p_teachers_ma and wait for another hour. Now you have all your math teachers neatly enroled in your teachers course.

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