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MoodleDT - Development Tools Plugins for Moodle

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This plugin is a set of tools to assist in developing plugins in Moodle.

Note: This plugin is in alpha stage of development.


  • Get last version of plugin in plugin entry.
  • Unpack in admin/tools folder of your Moodle dir.
  • Under role administrator, go to the Site administration and click on Notifications.
  • Access Site administration >> Development >> MoodleDT - Development Tools Plugins for Moodle.

How to report a bug

Please, use tracker in MoodleDT Tracker or send email for


moodledt 2014-03-06 02.png

A idea for this plugin is collect an set of simple tools for facilitate a work in development of an plugin.

See more about a set of tools.

Package Plugin

moodledt 2014-03-06 03.png

This tool is for packaging all files of an plugin for distribuition.

This operation ignore common files of development: .settings, .svn, .buildpath, .project, etc.

The type of compression can be: zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and tar.

The date in name of package is the date of last file modified.

Package Modified Files

moodledt 2014-03-06 04.png

This tool is for packaging all files modified from an date selected.

The type of compression can be: zip, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and tar.

A packaging is similar a tool previous.

Analyze Language

moodledt 2014-03-06 05.png

This tool search for inconsistencies in the supported languages, how tags not in use in scripts and tags not present in all files languages.

This not replaces use of AMOS for language analyze.

Index in Folders

moodledt 2014-03-06 06.png

This tool search in all folders of plugin for file index.

The use of index.html in folder is an way of folders protect of direct access.


moodledt 2014-03-06 07.png

This feature allow save plugin for easy access.

moodledt 2014-03-06 08.png

For remove one or more plugin of bookmark, use button Block Edit of Moodle interface.

New Proposals

  • Update Index in Folders for insert automatic index.html in folders;
  • Update Language Analize for automatic allow correcting language files;
  • Translate to Spanish;
  • New tools suggested by reviewers.

Please for suggestion, use comments in plugin entry or plugin forum