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Face-to-face FAQ

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Here is a collection of questions that were asked on the forum or through other means.

Where do I include the Manager's email address for notification?

Using the Moodle 1.8 version of the Face-to-face module, the way we do this is through the "MSN messenger" field on the user profile page. So instead of storing your MSN user account, this field stores your manager's email address.

Starting with the Moodle 1.9 version of the Face-to-face module, a custom field called "Manager's email" is added to the user profile page.

How do I setup a wait listed session?

A 'wait-listed session' in the Face-to-face module is a session for which no date is currently set. Users can then register their interest in attending a Face-to-face course even if it's not offered at this time.

There is no way at this time to "exceed" the capacity of a given session but this can be approximated by adding a second session without a date on which users can sign-up if the other one is full.

See this forum thread for more information.

How can I use Face-to-face in a course?

Blended course

Here is a blended, train the trainer course.

  • Topic 1. The trainees receive initial information by 2 Lessons. They complete an off line assignment and email that to the instructor. There is a forum where the trainees are expected to participate and help each other.
  • Topic 2. The trainees receive more information by a lesson, are asked to create outcomes for a training topic and then arrive at their first face to face lab. This lab is offered in two different locations at different dates and times.
  • Topic 3. This is the Capstone. Here they take the work they started in the first lab and expand it. In a smaller face-to-face sessions they will get a chance to see and critique other trainee's lesson. The instructor will post all assignments for everyone to see and download.
  • Topic 4. At a later time, trainees take a quiz and fill out a survey.
  • Topic 5. They receive a certificate based upon their overall score.
Blended course example

How to modify the master copy of the confirmation emails?

To modify the default message for any of the emails sent out, simply a local customisation to the appropriate language pack using the normal mechanism:

  1. Go to the Administration area
  2. Click on Language, then "Language editing"
  3. Select the desired "Current language"
  4. Click on "Edit words and phrases"
  5. In the "Choose file to edit" drop-down, scroll to the very bottom and select "facetoface.php (mod/facetoface)"

From there, you can change any of the strings you want.