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Notes de mise à jour de Moodle 2.7.8

De MoodleDocs

Cette version de Moodle n'est plus entièrement supportée. Généralement, seuls les correctifs de sécurité et de pertes de données ont été intégrés dans les dernières versions de cette branche. Vous êtes encouragé à mettre à jour vers une version entièrement supportée de Moodle.

Date de sortie : 11 mai 2015

Consulter la liste des détails sur les évolutions et corrections de bogues de cette version 2.7.8 (en anglais).

Changements importants

  • MDL-48187 - Fixed problem with new items automatically marked as extra credit in SWM category in Gradebook
  • MDL-42449 - Grade category is preserved when duplicating a module
  • MDL-46746, MDL-47003, MDL-47002 - Atto editor HTML cleaning is less aggressive and more aware of special tags, especially noticeable when pasting text from Word

Changements fonctionnels

  • MDL-45619 - Possibilité de désinstaller les dépôts
  • MDL-37984 - Switch Google Docs portfolio plugin to use the new Google lib (API EOL)
  • MDL-47337 - Fixed restore with Merge for courses in formats that have section options
  • MDL-49114 - Ajout d'une vérification d'environnement pour le support des slashargument (comme avertissement seulement actuellement)
  • MDL-49359 - Avertissement concernant l'usage de MyISAM pour les sites utilisant MySQL

Changements dans les interfaces utilisateur

  • MDL-49848 - Messaging page made responsive
  • MDL-43558 - Removed empty "Edit" dropdown when "Activity Editing Menu" is set to OFF
  • MDL-39262 - Removed collapsed/expanded controls in Lesson module
  • MDL-49296 - Added tooltips to lesson edit icons
  • MDL-49977 - Added page title on assignment bulk setting pages


  • MSA-15-0018 Quiz manual-grading is an XSS risk, but does not declare that
  • MSA-15-0019 Possible phishing when redirecting to external site using referer header
  • MSA-15-0020 User fullname disclosure through account confirmation link
  • MSA-15-0022 Potential XSS risk when returning text entered by student from Web Services
  • MSA-15-0023 Suspended user is able to login when confirming email
  • MSA-15-0024 User with suspended enrolment can see sections in the navigation tree
  • MSA-15-0025 Capability to manage own files is not respected in Web Services

Corrections et améliorations

  • MDL-44548, MDL-47729 - SCORM modules added from file system repo are now properly updating when file/s replaced in repo.
  • MDL-21201 - Feedback no longer shows Anonymous responses in Recent Activity Reports
  • MDL-48572 - Grade categories calculate correctly when suspended users are present
  • MDL-48419 - Scorm network check made less agressive
  • MDL-36506 - Book module no longer throws exceptions during upgrade if module is not found
  • MDL-34921 - With MyMoodle as default home, moving items on Site Home no longer redirects to MyMoodle page
  • MDL-38210 - Fixed error when running participation report for Workshop activity
  • MDL-49669 - Fixed error when connecting to external backpack (badges).
  • MDL-46805 - Scorm is able to use AICC even when usernames in Moodle contain charachters like @
  • MDL-48702 - Improve course log export resource consumption and reliability (backport of MDL-34867)
  • MDL-49641 - Optimised syncing shortcuts to external files

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