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Location: Word Censorship settings link in Administration > Modules > Filters

The word censorship filter enables certain user-selected words to be "blacked out" in the flow of the text. The primary use is for censoring obscene or other unwanted words in the text.

In Moodle 1.6 onwards, the word censorship settings page allows the administrator to edit a list of words via a web interface. For backwards compatibility, the old list in the language pack is retained and will be used if the list on the settings page is empty. To avoid inadvertently causing offence, there is no default list on the settings page.

Previous word censorship

Prior to Moodle 1.6, the list of words is contained in the language pack in the file censor.php (Example: for German use lang/de/censor.php). To change the word list you need to directly edit this file. A default list is provided for many languages. Warning: You may find the content of this file offensive.

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