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Activity names auto-linking filter

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Activity names auto-linking is a site Filter that will create links to an activity where the word or phrase of the activity is used within the same course in which the activity is located. This includes forum postings, pages, labels etc.

Site Administration settings

Activity names auto-linking must be enabled by an administrator via Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Filters. This Filter can be enabled by selecting either On (where activity names will be by default auto-linked) or Off but available.

In addition, you can apply this filter to Content or to Content and headings within a course. Please note applying filters to headings as well as content can greatly increase the load on your server. It is recommended to use the 'Apply to' settings sparingly. The main use is with the multilang filter.

Using the up/down arrows in the Order column you can specify the order in which each of the enabled Filters are applied.