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IMS Common Cartridge import and export

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IMS Common Cartridge import

IMS Common Cartridge packages, such as a study package from The Open University LearningSpace can be imported into Moodle by uploading the zip file to Settings > Course administration > Restore then clicking the restore button (the same process as restoring a course backup).

Troubleshooting tips

Occasionally you may have problems with packages from some other systems (Blackboard 9.1 is one example). In these cases try running the package through the IMS CC validator to check it for errors. The validator can also fix some of the errors.

IMS Common Cartridge export

A course can be exported as an IMS Common Cartridge as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Course administration > Backup
  2. Tick the 'IMS Common Cartridge 1.1' checkbox in the backup settings
  3. Go through the backup steps
  4. Complete - Click the Continue button

An IMS CC (with distinctive .imscc extension to avoid confusion with .zip files) is then saved in the private user backup area.

Note: Currently the ONLY activities that can be exported to IMS CC are as follows:

  • Forum
  • Label
  • IMS LTI activity (external tool)
  • Page resource
  • Quiz (partial support)
  • URL resource

See also

  • MDL-30265 Common Cartridge Export (take2) - Details of future improvements to CC export