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Feedback settings

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Enabling Feedback Module

  • As an administrator, go to Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Manage activities
  • Turn on the (open) eye of "Feedback"


Enabling Feedback Block

When added to a course, the Feedback block will display a list of all global Feedback activities associated with a course. This is helpful for when you want to draw the user's attention to completing the Feedback activity. Global Feedback activities can be set up on the front page and can be site wide, or mapped to specific courses. See the section on mapping feedback to courses below. To enable this block, as an admin, go to Administration > Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks.

Feedback administration settings

  • With the editing turned on,in the section you wish to add your feeback, click the "Add an activity or resource" link (or, if not present, the "Add an activity" drop down menu )and choose Feedback.


Give your Feedback a title.


This text will be displayed to users before they enter the feedback.

Open and Close Feedback

This allows you to set a time period during which the Feedback will be available to responses.

Record User Names

Choose from the following options:

  • Anonymous
  • Users' Names Will Be Logged and Shown With Answers

Show analysis to students

Yes/No. The summary results can be shown to respondents, or shown only to teachers.

Send E-Mail-Notifications

Note: The wording here is misleading, as administrators only receive feedback notifications if they have been enrolled in the course. Teachers enrolled in the course will receive notifications. See

Multiple submit

Yes/No, for anonymous polls allow unlimited answers for every user, for polls where the user name is logged this allow users to resubmit their answers.

Site after submit / Page after submit

This allows you to present users with a message after completion. If you want students to be sent somewhere or to see something other than "Your answers have been saved" after completing a Feedback activity, you can put a URL in Site after submit and/or some text in Page after submit respectively. If you fill them both in, the students will first see whatever text you put in Page after submit, then click Continue and be sent to the URL in Site after submit. If you leave them both blank, the students will just see a "Your answers have been saved" message. Neither of these fields are required for a student to answer the questions, but they must click the Answer the questions... link to start the Feedback activity.

Other settings

There are the usual Common module settings and - if admin has enabled them - the Restrict access settings Conditional activities.

Map feedback to courses

If a feedback instance is added to the front page there is an option, when 'Save and display" is clicked, to map the feedback to courses. All courses or certain courses may be selected. (In other words, if you only want the feedback to be available in certain courses but not all, you would choose just those courses.) The Feedback block can then be added to those courses and it provides a quick link to the Feedback activity.

Steps to map front page feedback to a course

To map to a course, first type in the name of a course and press the Search button. You will then be presented with a drop down menu from which you may choose your course.Click the 'map feedback' button to add it. Repeat this to add another course. If you don't choose a course then the feedback will be mapped to all courses by default.

Site administration settings

The feedback module has additional settings which may be changed by an administrator in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > Feedback.

Allow full anonymous

Changing this setting to "yes" permits non-logged in users on the front page to complete a feedback activity.

Feedback capabilities