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The EQUELLA repository enables users to make aliases (shortcuts) to EQUELLA files. Updating the files in EQUELLA will automatically cause them to update in Moodle.


EQUELLA 5.2 QA2 or higher is required for this repository plug-in to work correctly.


There is just one capability, View EQUELLA repository, which is allowed for the default authenticated user role.


EQUELLA configuration

A shared secret must be configured in EQUELLA that Moodle will use to authenticate access for users. Follow the instructions under *Configure a shared secret* in the EQUELLA Moodle Configuration Guide.

Moodle configuration

The EQUELLA repository may be enabled by a site administrator in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage repositories. From there an EQUELLA repository instance can be created.

EQUELLA URL The URL to your EQUELLA install with "/signon.do" appended. For example, "http://equella.myinstitution.edu/logon.do" would become "http://equella.myinstitution.edu/signon.do"
EQUELLA options This is an optional advanced setting that can be used to restrict users to a limited set of collections or advanced searches.
Restrict selection Choose if users should be restricted to only choosing attached resources, summary pages or no restriction.
Default role settings The shared secret ID and shared secret entered here should match those that have been setup in EQUELLA
{X} role settings Shared secrets configured under a specific role will take precedence over the default shared secret if a user has that role. The security ACLs in EQUELLA can then be configured to grant or revoke access to additional functionality based on the shared secret that the user was authenticated with.

For further information, please consult the EQUELLA Moodle Configuration Guide.

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