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What is a repository?

A repostitory can be thought of as a storage area from which users can retrieve files to add to their course. There are several repositories enabled by default, such as Server files which contains files from other courses a user has access to, or Upload a file which allows the user to search their computer or USB drive for a file to upload. Other repositories include Google Docs,or Flickr. See Repositories for more information.

How can I enable repositories in Moodle?

Repositories can be enabled by a site administrator in Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Repositories > Manage repositories.

All enabled and visible repositories will appear in the file picker.

How can I delete an embedded file previously added using the file picker?

There is no need to do anything, as any unused files are detected and then deleted automatically after a period of time. Users cannot delete files manually, since they may be used elsewhere.

Draft files are kept for 4 days and then moved to trash. When an activity or resource which uses a file is deleted, the file is moved immediately to trash. Trash is emptied i.e. files are deleted completely once a day.

If I add a file (File resources) to a page, then delete the File resource, will the file I added remain in my Recent files list?

No. The file will not be available.

How do I create a new repository on my site?

You can create a new repository that will show up on the file picker. See File system repository.

How can I prevent students from accessing the private files repository?

If you want to prevent students from accessing it but still wish other users to access it, follow these steps:

  1. In Settings>Site administration>Users>Permissions>Define Roles create a new role (such as "no private files") and assign it in the system context. (See Creating custom roles for help creating a new role)
  2. Search for and set the capabilities moodle/user:manageownfiles and repository/user:view to prohibit.
  3. In Settngs>Site administration>Users>Permissions>Assign system roles, give this role to the student(s) you do not wish to access private files.
  4. They may be enrolled as normal students in courses, but will not be able to use their private files.

What happens if a teacher adds a file from their private files to the course and they later leave and their account is closed?

As long as a file is used in a context, such as a course, the file should remains available in that context. (copied from forum thread thanks to Andrea Bicciolo

That holds true when a teacher copies a file in a course from his My private files area and also when a teacher creates an alias/shortcut: in the latter case if a teacher deletes his files from My private files area that are used as alias/shortcut

I cannot access a student's repositories when logged in as that student

This is intentional, as there is a security and privacy risk involved in an administrator being able to log in as a student and then explore and use the student's Google Drive, Dropbox and other similar repositories.

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