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It is possible to rate glossary entries, forum posts and database records within Moodle. These ratings are then aggregated to produce a grade for that activity for the student being rated. For example a student's forum posts may be rated by their fellow students with those ratings being averaged and that grade then contributing to the students overall course grade. You can choose whether ratings can be submitted by students and/or by teachers.

Enabling ratings

Here is the process to enable ratings within an activity:

  1. Go to the activity settings and select the aggregation method you want applied. Average is typically the most useful.
  2. Choose a scale. The scale you select determines the list of options raters can choose from. Choosing a number, 10 for example, means that raters can choose any number from 0 to 10. Custom non-numeric scales can also be defined. To create a site wide custom scale go to Settings > Site Administration > Grades > Scales. To create a course specific custom scale go to the gradebook and select "Scales - View".
  3. Optionally choose to restrict the submission of ratings to within a date range.
  4. Save your activity settings.

Once ratings have been enabled within an activity that activity will automatically appear in the gradebook.


Ajax is an Internet technology that enables user input such as ratings to be sent back to the Moodle server without the whole page having to reload. It is recommended that you enable Ajax if possible as it allows you to submit ratings without having to wait for the page to reload every time you do so. If Ajax is disabled (or if the user's browser has JavaScript disabled) Moodle will automatically use the non-Ajax ratings elements instead.

To enable Ajax:

  1. Go to Settings > Site administration > Appearance > AJAX and JavaScript
  2. Check Enable AJAX and click save changes.

Capabilities and roles

Capabilities and roles determine whether a given user can submit ratings, view aggregated ratings or even view the individual ratings that have been submitted. By default students can view the aggregation of all rating on their own items and only teachers can rate items.

The relevant capabilities are:

  • moodle/rating:view - allows the user to view aggregated ratings made on their own items
  • moodle/rating:viewany - allows the user to view aggregated ratings made on other people's items (but not their own)
  • moodle/rating:viewall - allows the user to see individual ratings
  • moodle/rating:rate - allows the user to rate other people's items

Module capabilities

Activity modules may define their own set of capabilities. When these exist the user needs BOTH the core capability and the module capability.


  • mod/data:rate
  • mod/data:viewrating
  • mod/data:viewanyrating
  • mod/data:viewallratings


  • mod/forum:rate
  • mod/forum:viewrating
  • mod/forum:viewanyrating
  • mod/forum:viewallratings


  • mod/glossary:rate
  • mod/glossary:viewrating
  • mod/glossary:viewanyrating
  • mod/glossary:viewallratings

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