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These FAQ relate to the Moodle research page.

Why have a collection of Moodle research?

There is no single, quality source to gather research about Moodle (and LMS/VLE in general, with mentions of Moodle). A page one can point to when asked: 'What does the research say about Moodle?'

Hopefully, the collection will be useful and contributed to by many people researching Moodle and perhaps LMS more broadly.

What to include?

Links to pieces of quality academic research about design and use of Moodle and LMS/VLE in general. This includes papers, articles, reports, theses, case studies, videos and similar material. This resource complements the existing Moodle Buzz.

What NOT to include?

Blog posts (unless highly relevant and contain quality references [>3 as a base] to this topic), tutorials, 'how to' videos, newspaper articles (if a study quoted, please go to the original source instead).

How do I cite the work?

You will not lose any credit if you don't cite works with absolute precision to Harvard or APA style. ;-)

Simply mention the author(s), date, title, source of publication and a link to publication for others to access. Something like this will do just fine:

Smith, J (2011) Research review of Moodle in educational institutions. Moodle Magazine No.1/Spring 2011

Please keep entries arranged in alphabetical order of authors.

Can I annotate and explain more about the work(s) I list?

Please do, but NOT on Moodle research page or it will become huge. Create a new wiki page for it, like this:

  • Replace the existing last part of the URL with the title of the work:

Talk Moodle research - MoodleDocs-1.jpg

and hit Enter/Return - your page will be instantly created, edit as much as you like!

Here is an example.

PLEASE NOTE: All contributions to Moodle Docs are considered to be released under the GNU General Public License. Please observe the copyright provisions of the work you quote at all times.