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Book FAQ

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How can I enable students to edit a book?

Allow the capability to edit book chapters for the role of student.

How can I enable students to import web pages?

Allow the capability to edit book chapters and the capability to import chapters for the role of student.

How can I enable teachers to export a book to IMS content package?

Allow the capability to export to IMS CP for the role of teacher then go to Settings > Book administration > Generate IMS CP.

Why only two levels?

Two levels are generally enough for all books, three levels may lead to poorly structured documents. The Book module is designed for the creation of short multi-page study materials. Consider uploading a file in PDF format for longer documents.

How do I search within a book resource?

There is no internal search facility, though you can always use your web browser's search capability in print page view.

Can I import a powerpoint into a book?

See the forum post Semi-automated Powerpoint to Book import macrofor one possible method.

Can I change the font of the print view for Book?

Not easily. In book view your theme controls how is your book is displayed, where as during printing, book/tool/print/print.css determines the font, which is defaulted to Times New Roman. See

A hack: you can in Print view use some utility like Firebug to change the font.

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