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Available for group members only

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Available for group members only is an experimental feature which may be enabled by an administrator in Settings > Site administration > Development > Experimental.

Assigning an activity to a grouping

Assigning an activity to a particular grouping only

To assign an activity to a particular grouping:

  1. On the edit activity page, click the "Show advanced" button in the common module settings section.
  2. Ensure that the group mode is set to separate or visible groups.
  3. Select the grouping from the grouping dropdown menu. (No grouping means user has it one member of any group)
  4. Check the "Available for group members only" checkbox
  5. Click the "Save changes" button at the bottom of the page.

The name of the grouping will then appear in brackets after the activity name on the course page.

Note: If a graded activity is assigned to a particular grouping only, it will still appear in the gradebook for all users unless gradebook categories are set up in a certain way. See MDL-13868 for further details.
Note: You cannot make an activity visible to only one group of students without first placing them into a grouping.


Classroom teachers in different departments might tell some students to enroll in a refresher course. Each department has their own tutor. Each student in the refresher course might be assigned to a group associated with their classroom teacher. The groups are put into department groupings. For example, a University has Anthropology, Engineering and Computing departments with 3 or 4 teachers in each department that have their students take a refresher statistics class. While all students in the statistics class may receive some of the same material, groupings will allow a department focus, while still tracking students by their classroom teacher. If a student is not in a classroom group, they will not be in a department grouping. And a student who is both in a Computing classroom group and an Engineering classroom group, will belong to more than one grouping.

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