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Adding/editing a questionnaire

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Set the date window for when users can complete the questionnaire. You can leave the boxes unchecked if you want the questionnaire to be continually available.

Response options


Select whether users will be allowed to respond once, daily, weekly, monthly or an unlimited number of times (many).

Respondent Type

You can display your users' full names with each response by setting this to "fullname".
You can hide your users' identities from the responses by setting this to "anonymous".

Note.- If your Moodle course allows guests, they will only be allowed to respond to a questionnaire whose responses have been set to anonymous.

Respondent Eligibility

Decide whether everyone can answer or whether you want to restrict it to tutor only or student only responses. For restricted access options remember to assign the correct roles either at the course or activity level. For example, if you put a questionnaire on the front page, intended for teachers only, then you will have to let Moodle know which users are teachers.

Response viewing

You can specify who can see the responses of all respondents to submitted questionnaires (general statistics tables).

Students can view ALL responses ->

  1. Never. By default, only teachers of the owning course can see all questionnaire submitted responses.
  2. After answering the questionnaire. This allows students to see all responses after answering a questionnaire that is set to respond once only. If a questionnaire is set to respond more than once, then students cannot see all responses unless you use one of the next two options.
  3. After the questionnaire is closed.
  4. Always.

Please use the Roles and capabilities system to decide which course participants will be allowed to view a) their own responses b) all responses.

Save/Resume answers

Setting this option allows users to save their answers to a questionnaire before submitting them. Users can leave the questionnaire unfinished and resume from the save point at a later date.

Note .- If a questionnaire is set to Save/Resume answers, then guests will not be allowed to view it. Since there is no way for Moodle to tell one guest from another, it would not make sense for one guest to start responding to a questionnaire and another guest to finish it!

Content Options

Select one of the radio button options. 'Create new' is the default.

You can create questionnaires using three different methods:

Create New:
This option allows you to create a completely new questionnaire from scratch.
Copy Existing:
This option copies a pre-existing questionnaire's content to a new questionnaire, pre-seeding the content. You can copy questionnaires belonging to the course, or ones specifically marked as 'template'.
Use Public:
If a questionnaire has already been created (in another course on the same Moodle site) with the "public" setting, then you may use that "public" questionnaire in your own course(s). The number of settings available to such questionnaires is limited and you cannot edit its questions nor view the responses.
Example .- If a public questionnaire has been created in course A, it can be "used" in courses B, C, ... All the responses from courses A, B, C, ... are collected in the public questionnaire created in course A (the original course where it was created) and are viewable there by the person (admin or teacher) who originally created it.