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Workshop FAQ

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How the heck are these grades calculated?

Make sure you read carefully pages explaining workshop grading and grading strategies.

How can I get the workshop to switch phase automatically?

In Administration > Workshop Administration > Edit settings tick the box 'Switch to the next phase after the submissions deadline' in the access control section. The workshop will then automatically switch to the assessment phase - after the next time cron is run on your Moodle. (Depending on your Moodle administration, you might be able to run it manually by typing into your browser (where is the name of your Moodle site).

How can I make reviewing anonymous?

If you do not want your students to know whose work they are reviewing and who is reviewing their work, go to Administration>Workshop administration>Permissions and click the X next to student to prevent "view author names" mod/workshop:viewauthornames and "view reviewer names" mod/workshop:viewreviewernames

Can I use Workshop for students to peer assess an offline activity?

You can, although they will have to submit something, even though that might be a blank document. See this forum post for more information:

How can I publish workshop submissions?

When in the Grading evaluation phase, it is possible to publish (ie make visible to all participants) selected submissions you might consider are helpful examples. To do this, as the teacher, choose a particular submission and click its title.Scroll down and below the submission text you will find a form allowing you to mark the submission as published. Save the form. When the workshop is closed, any such published submissions become visible.

Published submissions (click to enlarge)

How can I edit or delete an example submission?

Example submissions can only be managed (added, edited or deleted) during the setup phase. In the list of example submissions, click on the title of the submission you'd like to delete. Below the submission content, there are buttons to edit, delete and assess the example submission.

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