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WIRIS is a suite of tools for mathematics education.

WIRIS Plugin, is the component connecting a Moodle server with the different WIRIS tools

  1. WIRIS editor, WYSIWYG formula editor. Based on MathML
  2. WIRIS cas, an online powerfull calculator
  3. WIRIS quizzes, upgrade of Moodle quizzes with random variables and automatic evaluation of answers


WIRIS Editor screenshot 01.png

DEMO site

Test all WIRIS tools for Moodle in a demo site (cleaned every 24 hours)

WIRIS Plugin

Plugin connecting WIRIS tools with a Moodle server.

Pricing - Licenses

WIRIS Plugin is free. This component is useless without being linked to the commercial tools Editor and CAS.

You can find the hosted service prices for WIRIS Editor and WIRIS CAS at

Automatic installer

There is an automatic installer available for WIRIS Plugin.

  1. Download WIRIS plugin
  2. Extract it on your Moodle root directory
  3. Open with your browser: http://your.server/moodle_path/pluginwiris/install.php
  4. Follow the installation steps.
    Important! Apache user must have write permisions on moodle directory!

Test page

Check your installation at http://your.server/moodle_path/pluginwiris/test.php

WIRIS editor , WIRIS cas and WIRIS quizzes

WIRIS editor, WIRIS cas and WIRIS quizzesare commercial products. They are available as a hosted service. Check price list. Those services can also be hosted in the Moodle server. It is only reasonable to host the service in your server if you are running a quite big Moodle installation.

FREE DEMO service of the three products are available. Following installation instructions connects your Moodle server with the DEMO service.