Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.9. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: Scheduler module.

Scheduler module

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The Scheduler module helps you to schedule one-on-one appointments with all your students. You specify the periods during which you are available to see the students and the length of each appointment. The students then book themselves into one of the available timeslots. The module also lets you record the attendance and grade the appointment.


Features and Defines

Scheduling Modes

The Scheduler module allows two behaviours relative to appointing, depending on configuration settings. When set to "one only", a student can propose a unique appointment. When set to "one at a time", the student may propose one appointment, and will have to wait to be seen, before being able to make a subsequent appointment.

Slots exclusivity

A slot may accept an unlimited number of students (say, when scheduling for open meetings), or only one (face-to-face meeting), or may be set to accept a predefined number of students.

Volatile slots

A slot may be volatile. If so, it will be deleted from slot list when released by a student or revoked by a teacher.

Moodle Module standard implementations




The module performs complete backup/restore within the course context. Slots are considered as module scope information, while appointments are considered as user related data.

Additional implementations


A notification service (by mail) sends messages to teachers and students about any unilateral change to the agreed appointment.

Behaviour with groups

This feature has changed in Scheduler 2.9.

Scheduler has two different group-related features, both of which can be enabled independently on a per-scheduler basis:

  • Restriction to groups: Students can schedule appointments only with teachers in their group,
  • Booking in groups: Students can schedule an appointment for the entire group at once.

Restriction to groups is controlled by Moodle's usual Group mode feature (in "Common settings"). Setting "Group mode" to "Visible groups" or "Separate groups" will mean that students can see, and book, only slots which are offered by a teacher with whom they are in a common group. Additionally, in "Separate groups" mode, teachers won't be able to see slots outside their group unbless they have permission to access all groups.

Booking in groups means each students of the group can make an appointment for the entire group, i.e., when they click the "Book slot" button, they have the option to assign the entire group to that slot. In order for a student to schedule a group, he will have to belong to at least one group in the course. In the special case where he belongs to several groups and he wishes to make an appointment within a group, he will not be able to make the appointment until he has been seen (one-at-a-time setting) or at all (only-one-time setting). With "booking in groups" enabled, Teachers will also be able to assign an entire group to a slot at once.

Note that irrespective of the group features, slots are always remain assigned to one teacher and zero or more individual students, and are not as such tied to a group.