Note: You are currently viewing documentation for Moodle 2.8. Up-to-date documentation for the latest stable version of Moodle may be available here: New features.

New features

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Moodle 2.8 is once again the result of the hard work from our core team and community contributors. This version brings significant evolutionary improvements to the Gradebook tool, forums, analytics and usability in many areas to empower teachers and improve functionality for everyone across all devices.

Read on for Moodle 2.8 highlights, or watch the screencasts on the official Moodle HQ YouTube page

Full details of the release, with technical information, can be found in the Moodle 2.8 release notes.

For all users

  • autosave.png

    Text autosave

    The Atto text editor will automatically save your text as you type, keeping your content secure before you publish it.

  • usermenu28v2.png

    New user menu

    A new user menu (customisable via the Theme settings) gives quick access to personal pages such as My home and profile settings.

  • likesinglerating.png

    'Like' rating

    This popular feature can now be implemented as a single-item scale, bringing the functionality of social media right inside Moodle. Learn more about scales here.

  • emailprivatefiles.png

    Email to private files

    With this new feature you can send yourself an email with an attachment and it will save to your private files for later use in your courses. See Private files.

Gradebook improvements

  • graderreport28a.png

    Improved Grader report

    Many improvements have been made to the gradebook, with the grader report now functional across all devices with smooth scrolling. Cells can be quickly edited without reloading.

  • SingleView2.png

    New Single view

    A new Single view allows you to make quick edits to one item or one user.

  • gradehistory1.png

    New Grade history report

    Track the grade history of specific users and specific markers in this new report.

  • naturalweighting.png

    Natural weighting

    This new aggregation method combines grades simply with a clearer interface for using weights. Extra credit, excluded grades and hidden grades are all supported.

Forum enhancements

  • discuss1.png

    Subscribe to individual discussions

    You can now subscribe to individual forum discussions and get email copies of just the replies you want! See Forum settings.

  • forumnavigate.png

    Better navigation through threads

    Links taking you to the previous and next thread make it much easier to move between important discussions.

  • emailforumreply.png

    Email replies to forum posts

    For added convenience, you can now reply to forum posts by email, and even include attachments! Read more...

New options for Quiz, Choice and Assignment

  • quizedit.png

    Improved Quiz edit screen and completion settings

    The Edit quiz page has been rewritten for improved accessibility, making it much easier to add and manage questions. See Building Quiz. You can also set completion conditions based on a passing grade or when all available attempts have been used up.

  • choice many.png

    More than one choice with Choice

    You can now allow users to select more than one choice when creating a Choice. Read more.

  • assignmentadditionalfiles2.png

    Additional files for assignments

    Teachers can now attach files for students when setting up assignments, such as example submissions or answer templates. See Assignment settings.

Analytics and Reporting

  • EventMonitorSubscriptions.png

    Stay in touch by subscribing to events

    Event monitoring allows teachers, managers and admins to create and subscribe to events

  • Events Grades.png

    New events

    More detailed logging and events have been added, particularly in relation to grades.


  • uploadcohorts.png

    Cohorts can be created on upload

    Admins and managers can create cohorts using a csv file either, either from the Cohorts screen or when uploading users. Teachers can now by default enrol cohorts visible to them. Read more....

  • all cohorts.png

    A new 'All Cohorts' screen for admins

    Administrators can now have a clear overview of all system and category cohorts from the new All cohorts screen. See Cohorts.

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